Zo Gamma Life

Hit 'em clean

Well, just strung my HPS 6.0's up with this and hated it from the first hit. I normally play with Big Banger Alu and have played with Prince Polygut from time to time.

Zo Life is stiff, has little feel, lacks in spin, very little power. I really had swing hard to generate my normal pace. Sometimes the ball just seemed to fall right off the racquet. I normally string Big Banger between 56-58 lbs and love it. This was markedly different and the stiffest poly I've tried to date. I imagine it would last pretty long. String tension seemed to hold pretty well.

This is only for those that are definitely looking for durability. I'm so put off that I don't know if I'll try any of the other Zo line strings....perhaps I'll still give the Zo Power a try.

Bottom line.......these are getting cut out immediately!
Once you go ALU you want go back. I have tried many Poly strings (although I have not tried the Zo yet as I read they were just like another string I had tried that I can't remember which one right now). I have never found one that I actually liked. I there was no ALU or ACE I would not be using a Poly. TT might make it some, but I would use Wilson NXT or GAMA Live Wire Pro. :shock: