Zoom cage 3 vs Vapor 9.5?


Hi guys,

I'm a loyal vapor fan and has been for the last 5 years but as a toe-dragger I burn through them real quick. Im considering the zoom cage 3. I need speed with good toe durability. Is this a good option?

Just wondering if theres anyone that has switch from the vapor 9.5 to the new zoom cage 3? If so, could you please compare it?

I have been using the V9.5 for over 2 years. I just got my C3 shoes yesterday... I like how they fit. The rubber does seem to have a similarity to the Air Zoom Ultra. I have a pair of the Zoom Ultra (I couldn't resist), but I wouldn't buy another of them.

I'm not particularly rough on my shoes and have enough pairs to cycle through so I'm not a good person to ask about durability.


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In my experience, you may want to consider sizing up .5 size if you go with the cages. Bought the cages in the same size as Vapors and it did not work. Contemplating giving them another try and sizing up .5 size.
I agree on going up a 1/2 size, but in my case, my V9.5 sizing might be a tad big because it felt the best, so the C3 is quite nicely snug at the same size. I went out tonight with them... Got rained out before the first point.