Zverev and Medvedev match not visually aesthetic


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Amazing to think if these 2 cleaned up over the next 10 years with honours even Medvedev would only pip each of the Big 3 by one slam.


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Medvedev is interesting because of his unorthodox style, he hits the ball weird and he plays weird, almost as tall as Del Potro, runs like Chang or Hewitt, plays very far behind the baseline, but hits the ball flat, not with topspin like the claycourters that play very far behind the baseline, despite that he is very accurate and makes little unforced errors.
It's not pretty but at least he has his own thing going on, it's interesting

Zverev is very bland in comparison. His backhand is nice I guess.
Agree I find Medvedev very interesting and enjoy watching him play. I also enjoy his relaxed approach like he just got out of bed and popped round to the park for a hit.