Zverev: I see I have a chance to beat Djokovic at Olympics



The German player was very excited to be able to represent his country in this edition of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

German tennis player Alexander Zverev gave Sportschau a few words to analyze his feelings after arriving in Tokyo, where he will play the Olympic Games and try to win a gold medal for his country.

Q - Options for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics:

"I have said many times that I am going to Tokyo to fight for a medal for Germany. That doesn't mean I'll win at all, but it's true that I see myself as one of the great favorites for us to win. We will have to focus on each game to avoid scare. "

Q - Following the resignation of Angelique Kerber, Sascha has doubts about whether she will play mixed doubles:

"We are talking about it, but we have not decided anything yet. The participants of the mixed doubles will be decided in the next few days. It was a pity Angelique Kerber withdrew due to injury. I hope he recovers as soon as possible. I love Germany. Always. I really enjoyed playing for my country. It's even more emotional to know that everyone at home is a fan. "

Q - Players who can beat Novak Djokovic:

"To beat a player like Djokovic, you have to do things that very few players can do. You have to overtake Nole and control him. I see myself as someone who can have a chance to beat him. If you play like him, you'll lose. "I think the best players always have the pressure. It's always positive to feel that way. If you get good results in tournaments of this type, you know 100% that you are one of the best tennis players today."

Q - The environment that will live in Tokyo:

"I think it will be something very special. Of course, it will be different because of coronavirus. But for the first time to experience the Olympic Village is real madness. I really want to live in the moment and give my best, "concluded the born player. in Hamburg, who on Thursday will know what his image is on the way to the gold medal.

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Well, you haven't beaten Djokovic in nearly 3 years and you've lost your last 4 matches with him, so you better prove it.


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He says "if you play like Djokovic, you'll lose," which is correct, yet he actually plays like a more passive version of Djokovic against him.

Boris Becker was right.


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LOL. There’s no end to the idiotic statements that come out of Zed’s mouth. So I’m not surprised he said this.

The reality is though, he has no chance against Djokovic. Heck I’ll be surprised if he even gets a shot at him.


He isn't wrong. He has beaten him twice and their last 2 matches (on Djokovic's favorite surface) were very close, it isn't like he was completely outplayed. He is one of the 2-3 players who might stand a chance against him if he doesn't have a bad serve day. . If he thinks he has zero chance he shouldn't even bother to participate. He has the right attitude.
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Well, you haven't beaten Djokovic in nearly 3 years and you've lost your last 4 matches with him, so you better prove it.
The chances he sees must not involve him (nor any other player) directly.
Line officers are rehearsing putting themselves in the way of Nole's shots.


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I don't how this confidence doesn't translate into the matches but rather it turns into mental breakdown or Double faults factory atleast back some of words you speak