Zverev settles his account with Lendl


The entire world is disinterested in Zverev, nothing new there.

Lendl is not going to coach a "loser," and I predicted he'd dump the brat's ass after Wimbledon. I'm sure this is just Zverev trying to pretend he fired Ivan, when Lendl almost surely walked away from someone who's not winning events, much less majors. It's typical of Z to publicly dump on an ATG who had had won 21 ATP events when he was a comparable age to Zverev (22), as well as Davis Cup for Czechoslovakia. Unbelievable, typical arrogance from this guy.
Lendl would pick this scrawny brat up and toss him through a fence .
I grew up with many scrawny bratty jerks in tennis..

Lendl the man who reached 9 USO finals In a row

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Sasha needs Larry Stepanki. He is the BEST of the BEST in coaching. Hire larry and also add Darren Cahill to his as needed team or consultant team. Then and ONLY then he will win a major.
Agree. Stefanki would be a very good appointment.

I originally thought Lendl would be a good fit with Zverev, because they shared similar "hurdles" as players (choking in majors). Unfortunately, we overestimated Ivan. He simply isn't the man he once was.

We all remember Lendl as a clay and HC titan, but his pro career took everything from him physically and mentally. The current-day version is a fat, washed-up rec golfer / golf Dad obsessed with his leisure time. He has no drive at all.

After retiring, he was never really capable of anything more than part time coaching where he had the support of a lot of co-coaches (which he did very successfully with a player who could already go deep in majors).

He lacks the energy, physical capacity and dedication to commit to a full time coaching position. Particularly for a player like Zverev who is constantly requiring positive reinforcement and engagement.

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I can't answer whether I would have rooted for Fed over Lendl had they been in the same era. I just don't know. Had they both been born in 1960 and come into prominence at the exact time, I probably would have gone for Fed-- a much lovelier game and a much nicer human being.

I loved Lendl from the time I was 5 years old and first saw him play on TV. I hated McEnroe and Connors, thought they were just bratty egos and I felt he could eventually supplant them. I liked that he was hated and he just didn't give two f's about that, he just got down to business. He never sucked up, kissed ass, liked reporters or did P.R. stuff. I just loved his authenticity. However, in person, he was a complete tool, I saw him often enough in exo's and in practice. Still love him though!
Oh yeah? I used to love Patrick Rafter... when I was 5 years old.