Zverev to win his maiden Grand Slam title without defeating Top10 rival

It is quite possible, isn't it?
It has happened. Just needs some good effort from the underdogs to make his life easier.

There are 9 possible Top-10 matchups for Zverev in Melbourne:
QF vs Nadal [6]
QF vs Hurkacz [10]
SF vs Djokovic [1]
SF vs Berrettini [7]
F vs Medvedev [2]
F vs Tsitsipas [4]
F vs Rublev [5] (or SF in case of a draw adjustment from the ATP)
F vs Ruud [8]
F vs FAA [9]


What's your opinion?
Honestly, even though his record is terrible, here I believe he would only lose eventually to Djokovic, Medvedev, Nadal, Tsitsipas (if he's in form), eventually Berrettini but that's it, if he implodes like at Wimbledon it would be shameful for him.
His normal level is supposedly enough to beat Hurcakz, FAA, Ruud, Rublev(sad but true) and Berrettini, not even talking about his peak level here.
Oh yeah but it's Zedrot we are talking about lol so there is no logic


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NEVER bet on ZEV after he blew a 2 set to love lead in the USO final against Thiem then served for it 3 times then double faulted a few 50 MPH serves.


AC would deserve it. I was going to say not sure if the fans deserve it, but after the last few weeks on this forum I'm sure many do.


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There are 9 possible Top-10 matchups for Zverev in Melbourne:
QF vs Nadal [6]
This match should be a gimme for Zverev at this point. He's 24, in peak physical condition, and playing Rafa at his least successful slam which he hasn't won in 13 years. Never mind that Rafa will be 36 in a few months and hasn't played a competitive match in 7 months.

Yet if they meet, Rafa will probably kick the ego's ass right off the court in straights.