Zverev will never win a slam as long as he lives


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Up 2-0 in sets and somehow he throws the next 2 sets. Thiem being wheeled out for the tiebreak on one leg and still beats him. This was the golden opportunity. By the time Djokovic and Nadal go away Tsitsipas and Medvedev will be winning. This guy is finished, he won’t come back from this.


A bit premature, no? Thiem could have sat the first two sets. When he's playing OK, as he did in sets 3 and 4, he is the better player so no wonder he won them.

Agree on the TB, massive nerves from Sascha. He'll do better next time. Dominic deserved this one after all the finals and other great showings.


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He will, just because the quality of the rest of the field will be that low. So sad to see how our beloved sports is going down the toilet.


He's going to play for at least 10 more years barring some horrific injury. I think he'll get one those 40 grand slams. Also don't let him see this thread. He's already crying.

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Little premature, methinks.

He'll have his time eventually. Got plenty of years ahead of him and the field will become even more wide-open when the Big 3 retire.


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Isn't this what people said about Lendl after he lost something like 6 slam finals?
Lendl lost 4 Slam finals before finally triumphing with a shock win over McEnroe at the 1984 French Open, rallying from 2 sets down like Thiem did just now. McEnroe has still not quite recovered from blowing his only chance to complete the CGS.

The only other player to lose his first 4 Slam finals is Andy Murray whom Lendl went on to coach into winning his 1st (at 2012 US Open).