Zverev's first thought after the ankle injury: 'Your career is over'


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In pictures: Alexander Zverev dazzles in Prada for L'Officiel Paris photoshoot
By Rajasik Mukherjee
Modified Dec 27, 2022 09:51 PM IST

Alexander Zverev is winning hearts with his latest photoshoot for L'Officiel Paris as the German donned glamorous Prada outfits to feature in the magazine.

L'Officiel Paris is a French fashion magazine. The photoshoot, in collaboration with Prada, was shot by Pierre-Ange Carlotti, a French fashion photographer.

The 2020 US Open finalist posted a series of pictures from the shoot on social media in which he wore different Prada outfits.

Alexander Zverev recently reflected on the career-threatening injury that he suffered in this year's Roland Garros semifinal match. Playing against former World No. 1 Rafael Nadal, Zverev hurt his leg horribly and retired mid-match and was subsequently sidelined for months.

The German star twisted his right ankle, damaging all three lateral ligaments. When Zverev retired mid-match, the score was 7-6(8), 6-6 in favor of Nadal after more than three hours of play.

During an interview with Sky Sport, the former World No. 2 shed some light on what went through his mind after suffering the foot injury.

"Definitely, I think there were a few of them. But the one was really when I thought I was healthy and when I thought I could come back in the Davis Cup," Alexander Zverev said.
"And the actual injury was also healed, but then I was told that the bones are not ready for the strain. Because I had extreme bone damage, had bone edema, and also a stress fracture in my bone at some point."
He also admitted that he was afraid that his tennis career was over.

"That was a bit difficult for me mentally. Because then I had to start again and was told that now I can't do anything for 6 weeks. That was not so nice and not so easy. But when the accident happened, the first thought was, 'Your career is over. What if something is broken that you can never come back from or will never come back from?'" he added.


Zverev was one of the very few that was competing with the big two. His and thiems injuries made it even easier than it already was for Nadal and especially Djokovic (since Nadal is dealing with more decline) to continue their dominance.

Hope he's back to his best level and improve, and carlos, rune as well can make the competition tougher to make the tour more interesting.