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Hi, you did not put a price on these. Are you selling them as a pair, how much? Can you please send pics to Are these lighter than the normal PT?

Hello, i have posted 4 posts in the classified For Sale UK/Europe and have respected the chart, at least i thought i did. What is happening or what is wrong? Thanks
Ady si Mickey Hancu sint copii dvs?
Ce coincidenta! Sint sigur ca unul e in Montreal acum, daca imi amintesc bine. Am facut liceul Neculce cu ei in Buc am jucat baschet. Ei au copilarit prin Kenya cred.
Hey question, I have a 2nd generation prince tennis ball machine and the charger stop working recently, any advice on where to buy a new one or fix it. Im in NJ?
Sorry, I am not familiar with ball machine maintenance
Thiem is doing AMA on reddit! In case you don't know.
My question posted:
“Does your team ever use stats to find areas to work on your game?
If so, were you aware of your 2nd serve points won swoon in 2017 from Summer hard courts onward which was the same time you had problems serving out sets and matches? (All other stats nicely improved in 2017 for everyone’s information) What did you do to overcome the serving out issue to now beat a hard court legend like Federe.”
Just read it. Dumped out before the question on his strings!###!
Yeah he answered only like 10 comments. Hufth. I'm about to ask whether he's bisexual lol.
Likes: Meles
Hi, can you please change the title of my latest sudden death league Miami thread to "2019 ATP Sudden Death League: Miami"? It currently says 2018
TW Staff
TW Staff
Should be updated! Thanks, TW Staff
Give me a percentage of the chance Thiem beats Fed
Haven't been watching Fed hardly at all so really don't know. Thiem is playing phenomenally well so he's got a fine chance, especially on this surface.
I saw a thread that you posted in regarding 3d modeling. I'm intereted in possibly 3d modeling and printing a grommet from a racket that has been long out of production. I have an unused New Old Stock racket with its grommets. Is this something you could do? I would of course fairly compensate. Thanks- Kirk
Hello Richard,

I love all your work and I am extrwamly great fun for all your efforts as your videos have enabled me to get into a true passion and love of mine which is tennis stringing.

Quick question for you. I want to start starting my mains line you do instead of the yusuki method. Can you explain a little why you start the mains the way you do or why you chose this way to start them.
It appears your pulling the two center mains by hand while you set the anchor clamp. Just facilitated as obviously your one of the best on the planet and was looking for the science behind it. Thanks Richard once again LOVE your work huge fan
Probably my best serve -- all I know is, it sure FELT like it. The pure feeling from the strings vibrated throughout my entire body. I didn't know a tennis racquet could make a sound like this.

The speed is irrelevant -- I have a need to go after this feeling again.
After we meet we can play our challenge match. Afterwards we can hang at Lac Abbe Pool & Lounge for some drinks and snacks. If you are up for it, we can then go to the Kempinski Spa for some relaxation and to top it all off we can have dinner at Tentazioni. After dinner it's anyone's guess but maybe a stroll to one of the casinos? Of course, during this entire time we will be chewing kaht.
I just received the itinerary from my executive assistant. I will be staying at the Djibouti Palace Kempinski. I believe there are some tennis courts there. I have asked that my meetings take place in the morning so that my afternoons are free for tennis. I think we should meet at my hotel. I can send a car to pick you up. Just PM me with where you will be so I can have the hotel send a car to pick you up.
Hello Johnwah,

Good news! I just found out I will be traveling to Djibouti in 3 weeks on business.

Please let me know how/where you want to meet up to finish our tennis challenge.
Wow that is good news! I get tired of playing my local friends. Im free most afternoons as I only work half the day. The other half I hang out and chew khat with my buddies. Let me know when you're here and we can meet at Saba for some Yemeni fish. Its located near the tourist trap Plateau du Serpent where most of the hotels are like Marriott.

From there its about a 10 minute bus ride to the Federation de Tennis.
Hi JeanF,
My name is Nikola from Bulgaria, I usually play beach tennis, but now I want to try classic tennis.
My racquet for beach tennis is 341 gr., yesterday I bought VCORE Pro 97 310 g.
Would you recommend a couple of options for strings? Do you still thinking Volkl Cyclone 1.25/17 String on 22 kg.
I saw you recommend "4x 13 cm lead tape, how many grams are there? Thank you for your time.
"Breaking out was just the beginning, now it gets a little more interesting."