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Hey Bro saw where you are from Chicago. Was going to do a giveaway for a hat, but since you are from my hometown you win. If you want to cover shipping, I can send you one of the gravity hats
I just moved to Milwaukee actually.
But glad to pay for shipping for the hat.
Good Morning!
I am also looking at the Prince Tour 100 O3 (310g) (model 2019) as I use a Prince Tour 100 O3 (310 orange - old Ferrer model).

But this model appeared here in Brazil Prince Tour 100 O3 (290g), I saw that you were researching.

Is it worth taking the Prince Tour 100 O3 (290g) and adding weight?

or better wait to get the 310g version?

Thanks for the answer
If your supplier will bring the 310 model in then why not wait? If not, adding weight to the 290 version is also an option. In fact going with the 290 version leaves more room to customise. If you were to slightly customise the 310 version the weight might start to get too high.
@JohnYandell I am intereated in getting video analysis done for my 13 years old son's practice session. I have been told that you are very good person to reach out to. We are looking for good honest recommendation. I am ready to pay for your service, please let me know how can i send you the video. Thank you for your time
Hey there. I am developing a wood and carbon fiber tennis racquet and just came across these posts about the Lacoste racquet, which I did not know existed. I am curious if you have hit with yours and what it is like. Thanks!
Hey David my name is Fernando I recently moved to Las Vegas and I'm also looking for people to play with him about a 4.5 tennis player as well
Hi, in golf, the handicap system allows players of different abilities to compete on a level playing field.
Ex - if my handicap is 5 and yours 25 then I give you 20 stokes. Therefore, if I beat you by 20 strokes then we have tied.

Possible to use UTR in a similar way? Ex - my UTR is 7 and yours 5.5 - is there a calculation to level the playing field? I give you 4 games per set etc.
Indoors gonna be crazy AF.. djokodal fighting for #1 & fed trying to sneak in for #2 If djok shuts down his season.
So what did you think tf40 vs v7 blade 18x20?
TF40 easier to use but Blade hits the bigger ball with its higher SW. TF faster at net and I thought had a little more spin. Blade was better at flattening out mid court balls. TF has a more firm, direct feel and can be a little harsher outside the sweet spot.
I got my HDMX test string last week, but all my sticks are freshly strung! All I can do right now is try out that Tecnifibre overgrip…..
Very cool... let me know when you test... love to hear your insights!!!
Hi Drogan, hope you don't my asking you about the Blade and Gravity Pro. I'm particularly interested in your take on which racquet felt plusher to you. I just got the GPro but fearing I should have gotten the Blade. The GPro was a non-issue but just couldn't help feeling that it felt a tad firmer than what I'm used to (C10Pro) . I strung it at 45 using Sergetti with a soft-copoly. Thanks.
Hey Man verdict is still out for me I’ll get back to you. Too early to tell. They are both good IMHO its just if you can handle the weight over the long run during the match
Bring back the like button for racquets, strings, and gear sections. Leave it off for general pro player discussion areas.. problem solved
How did you end up getting your Ektelon Model H fixed? The same thing happened to mine a couple days ago. The tensioner will pop when it comes to tension but it will not lock. I found that same part you posted in 2010 laying on the floor as well.
Hi dmcb101,
I already bought two of the 98L (no counterveil) rackets with the intention of weighting them as you have. Would you mind sharing how much weight in the hoop (and where) and how much in the handle you found necessary to add to your rackets to bring them up to the standard 98 16x19.?
Thanks for you time,
D McE (aka stickM)
You watched Preston's reviews on game of thrones? Really funny stuff, give them a try lmao he does episode reviews
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Robert Baratheon
Robert Baratheon
9 years. 9 years it has been since they killed me off.
Gods the show was strong then.
Dumb and Demented. In my dreams I kill them every night.
Robert Baratheon
Robert Baratheon
Okay I will watch. Thanks for suggesting.
Preston Jacobs, hes been making them for years it's honestly some of the best **** you'll watch lol you'll be hooked
Hello, I'm in Division of Elecrical and Computer Engineering of LSU. Nice to meet you!