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    Bianca Andreescu!

    Not true. Usta is producing top players, they just play under different flags. If your here under Visa and training in Florida you're using usta resources in some way. USTA won't get credit for slam winners that plays under the flags of Russia Belarus, Japan, Norway ets. They were happy with...
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    Federer is such a joy to watch from a strict esthetic standpoint

    Except they're nearing the end too. No one is tuning in to see anyone else really. Fed is just the first. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    Kerber to Andreescu: you're the biggest drama queen ever"

    So no one watched the match or understands why remarks are made but thay doesn't stop a lot of self important indignation. Whens the crucifixion? Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    How the heck did Mari Osaka get a WC into Miami Open?

    No. They are Japanese nationals. Ask them. Not one cent of USTA monies went into their game development. They worked with too teir Japanese coaches and now are paying the motherland back by playing under her flag. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Swinging with lower able players

    Thanks but she’s not starting out I’m 6’5 she’s 5’2 and we have different needs on a rally ball. I just like to play together. If it’s not in a strike zone she doesn’t chase it down. So I have to rally the perfect ball which is it’s own challenge and chase down a lot. Sent from my iPhone...
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    Tall People Only

    Believe it or not. I have a ladder. I think it would help if I could find a way to rally with one. Like the old football days get off the ground, run through tires , hit someone Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    Swinging with lower able players

    Also, I'm going to visit my step mom in Westchester in May. Maybe I can be your 3.0/3.5 buddy for a while. [emoji848] Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    Swinging with lower able players

    I've started this with mini tennis. She really enjoys mini. I kind of start with the racket through more of the swing already and then snap it through the last couple of inches. I'm sometimes suprised how well that can work, an how sometimes what feels like a good hit peterw out off the racket...
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    How to find my "singles self"?

    Move to new Orleans. We're of the same ilk. I need a practice partner. I turn 49 this year. I run and cycle but my movement is lopey and slow. I thought spinning for 15 years, but I have no explosion. It tennis was a slow rock climb instead of a sprint, I would be champ. It's not I'm not. Sent...
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    Swinging with lower able players

    I play a lot with people that I’m better than. Not saying much there. I videoed a hit with my wife yesterday, subconsciously I felt like I was taking shorter strokes and accelerating through the ball but many on video were slow bunts. Likely because she does hit fast balls ok, but I have...
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    Tall People Only

    Every time i video myself, it looks slow and awkward. I seem to lope slowly to my contact area. 2 steps instead of 5. My coach wants me to step smaller and I get why. I tried yesterday and my small steps are still larger that the YouTube pros. I’m not the most athletic guy, but I’m not in bad...
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    Few tiny gripes about IW !!!

    I'm under fifty, and hip hop sucks. It's not limited to tennis, go to any sports event, particularly basketball and it's all hip hop but the actual attendees would likely not drop another dime in the jukebox as they don't want to hear no more. Except of course for sir mixalot. Big butts...
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    Few tiny gripes about IW !!!

    It is your style. PC police. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    Who's more likely to win another slam: Roger Federer or Serena Williams ?

    Fixed it for you. 200 by now Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    We hate white Swiss Misses? Took twelve posts before the R word came out. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk