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    Official Babolat Strike VS 2022 thread

    agree great pop and spin
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    Official Babolat Strike VS 2022 thread

    Hit with this frame for the first time yesterday. Previously played 5.0 now with 4.5 rating not playing all that much lately. History as follows: babolat pure drive plus 2002-2009 Babolat pure storm tour plus 2010-2012 Babolat pure drive 2012 standard 2012 until tennis elbow in 2013 Wilson...
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    Official Babolat Strike VS 2022 thread

    usually presale 2 weeks prior. Worried about a delay due to supply chain issues.
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    Official Babolat Strike VS 2022 thread

    Any update on this release?
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Any update on the new strike vs release?
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    Official Babolat Strike VS 2022 thread

    Well looks like the price of the Pure Aero VS went up $20. Would expect the new strike VS to be $269 a piece now as well. Getting criminal…
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    blade v7 16x19 and pure aero vs

    Just bought two used aero vs. racket history is pure drive + purestrike tour + 2006 Pure drive 2012 Wilson blade 98s 18x16 Pure strike one 7 Blade v7 16x19 Pure strike tour now pure aero vs love it. More pop. Plenty more spin. Better serves. Prefer blade feel on volleys.Better returns with...
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    Pure strike tour 16x20?

    I just got a new pure strike tour 16x19 and it’s the best frame I’ve hit with since the old babolat pure control tours from the early 2000s. I really miss that frame. Stiff but solid and not harsh. The tour 2020 version is way more comfortable than the project one 7 16x19.
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    Court cost

    Well lots of replies. I can afford it which is why I’m asking. Don’t want the maintenance of rubico. There are zero cost analyses of claytech and looking back at old searched threads the cost seemed to be 60-80K total. I am going to reach out to har tru myself. Was interested if anyone had...
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    Court cost

    Does anyone know ballpark cost of a home claytech court? Has anyone played on one recently? I am contemplating installing one but haven’t seen much in the way of threads here in a while with the search function.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    tour bite soft is way more comfortable. I love Alu but it’snot comfortable
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    Why the Outrageous Racket Prices?

    The MAP has also destroyed brick and mortar vs internet competition. Now that everyone sells for the same price no one gets an edge. I find this practice almost a monopoly. Imaging if the big internet dealers actually had to compete against each other with price offerings. Pure drives used to...
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    agree 100%. The gut poly hybrid feels so soft but lacks feedback in this frame. I played much better with full poly.
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    At age 58 it’s time for a new generation player frame: Follow My Saga Here

    BHBH, playing with blade 16x19 here coming from PS 2017 Project one7 16x19 and now gelling after initially feeling it was underpowered. that being said really like the strikes and have contemplated going back to them. Interestingly the review from Chris on TW who I follow for consistency...
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    Modern equivalent for Ozone Tour?

    blade 16x19