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    (Yes, another): VOLKL DNX 9 REVIEW!!

    CC, Good luck with the lead. Are you going to weight it just at 3&9? GM
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    How important are shoes for your game?

    Shoes are really important. I thought I'd save some money and bought a pair of Wilsons early this year after using Nikes for more than 10 years. Big mistake. I started getting sore front soles from the constant pounding on the ground, and my knees started hurting from the lack of cushioning...
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    tennis shoe with lowest ride

    I've fractured my ankles before and frequently twist them. I just bought a pair of BFIIs as safety and comfort are very important. No regrets in the purchase as these feel extremely low to the ground and has great cushioning and stability.
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    What racquet do you use?

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    Any thoughts on PK Core 1 No. 6 and Heritage Type C

    I'm thinking of demoing these two racquets and would appreciate any thoughts about it. I'm about a 4.0 all-court player who likes to stay at the baseline and play with a long, fast and loopy forehand and 1HBH. However due to injuries, I'm not as agile around the court as I would like to be and...
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    What racquet technology do you think is completely useless?

    Flexpoint definitely did nothing at all for playability.
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    PK Kinetic 7G or ... ?

    This sounds really interesting and seems that you've hit with one before. It's been a while since I've played with a woodie, and do miss the feeling. Okay, open mind. I'll try and get hold of a demo tomorrow and write up my thoughts about it in a new thread. Must thank KK for his patience...
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    DNX 9 - Initial Impressions

    Dinky is a term that is new to me, but I guess you're referring to weak 2nd serves. To conserve my joints, I usually leave net play to my partner and stay at the baseline to rally, either ending the point by returning the ball out wide, down the line or driving it deep to force the errors...
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    Did Petr Korda use the C-10 Pro?

    Korda won the Australian Open in 1998 defeating Rios with a C10 Pro. Sergi Bruguera and Felix Mantilla also used the C10 Pro at some time in their career.
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    Did Petr Korda use the C-10 Pro?

    The racquet in the picture has a Yonex plastic shrink wrap on the grip. But it also has the distinctive Volkl V-Engine at 6 o'clock.
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    help with gripsize+overgrip

    The overgrip will not alter the size significantly. From personal experience, it would require at least 4 layers of tournagrip to build it up by one size. I made the mistake of buying a 4 1/4 for my Volkl C10 Pro and am still living with it 7 years down the road. Go with the 4 3/8.
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    PK Kinetic 7G or ... ?

    Thanks for the reply, Bolt. I must try and get my hands on a demo to play tomorrow night. I was checking out the website and have narrowed it down to 2 models: the Core 1 No. 6 and the Heritage Type C. I'm just curious, there is mention of a hardwood spine in the No. 6. Where in the world...
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    What is it about Volkl racquets?

    I concur with this. The newer Wilsons have somehow lost the edge in quality. It's also eye-opening when I was in Shanghai last year walking around the night market at Xiang Yang Road. There were so many stalls selling Wilson and Babolat racquets at ridiculously cheap prices. One look and you...
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    (Yes, another): VOLKL DNX 9 REVIEW!!

    It sounds like the results from you, SunDog and Craig A. Clark (and perhaps thePlungerMan) have been highly consistent and conclusive. The DNX9 is a great all-round racquet. This is the golden comparative question to aid existing Volkl owners: Now that the DNX line is the latest...
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    DNX 9 - Initial Impressions

    Wonderful, SunDog! Looks like the DNX9 is a great confidence booster whilst being a highly proficient stick. Would you consider yourself a powerful hitter being able to use the pace of your opponent's ball to blast a return? Somehow your post has really piqued my interest in this frame ...