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    Loved watching this Agassi documentary! [MEDIA]

    Loved watching this Agassi documentary!
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    How many hours do you play a week

    It depends. Usually during the spring-fall it's around 12-18 hours. Used to be around 24-30 hours.
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    *** Long Live The Radicals ***

    I love the Head Radical racquets! Especially my Microgel Radical Pros.
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    how far did you get in STICK TENNIS WORLD DOMINATION?

    I've beaten them all many times. Here's a walkthrough for how to beat Sampras, Borg, and Agassi: Agassi: Borg: Sampras:
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    When will the Djokovic Bubble Pop?

    I said the same thing about Federer back in 2006. Times change.
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    Agassi: Nole can win the Calendar Grand Slam

    The short answer is no. Andre can say what he wants but the fact still stands that Novak has a terrible record against Nadal at the French Open. I'm not convinced that he'll retain his Wimbledon title either.
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    whos the greatest defender of all time?

    How did Andre make the list but not Monfils?
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    What would You say is Nadal's Contribution to tennis?

    I think his greatest contribution to the game has been the reverse forehand (also known as the buggy-whip.) It's undeniable that more players are using that shot now than ever before. I see it at the pro, collegiate, rec, and junior levels. It's spread across the board. This shot has gained...
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    First time practice hit video

    Nice job on your video. Do you play quite often or just a few times per week? I did notice a few things, that you might want to take a look at.
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    1-handers: how do you deal with grip change on returns?

    Are you a forehand or backhand dominant player? Righty or lefty? Do your opponents serve fast or heavy (flat or kick.) Are you playing taller players?
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    Any way to purchase old style nike air max breathe tennis shoes?

    E B A Y. I bought a pair of Nadal's French Open 2010 shoes for cheap ($40.00 shipping included.) Best of all, they were in great condition 8.5/10 or 9/10 easily. I use all of my stuff, so shoes don't last me more than about 12-18 months.
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    Full swing forehand brings pain

    Sorry, extra post.
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    Full swing forehand brings pain

    It shouldn't make that much of a difference. The semi-western grip accentuates the spin on the hand turn finish, but you can still do it with an eastern grip. I can still hit high and flat with a semi-western grip (even though it's easier with an eastern.) If you're having trouble, try...
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    If Federer won Wimbledon 2008?

    The US Open 2009 final was a much greater loss for Federer than the Wimbledon 2008 final to Nadal. Fed came within 1 set of the grand slam (RG, Wimb, US, and AO straight.) Del Po was playing tremendous level tennis that year but let's face it, that was Federer's match to lose. I think the 08...
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    Jeff Salzenstein Total Tennis

    Jeff's material is top notch. I would HIGHLY recommend it to someone who is serious about improving their game. I especially love the Serve Secrets package. As soon as I bought it, I studied half of the course and noticed immediate improvements. More spin, better control, I started to develop...