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    Who choked the worst? Zverev?

    Med, Tsitsipas, even Dimi losing was kind of understandable. Med was always going to have a hangover, and and then other two were just begging people to take them out. But Zverev…oof. He really did mess up bigly.
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    Any word on Tommy Robredo?

    Robredo was a nice player. I have a soft spot for he and Ferrer also; just playing a game they loved with very little drama.
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    Did pressure get to Medvedev?

    By his own admission, Med was feeling it during that last set. If Novak had managed to get that second set, I don’t think Med would have had enough. Oh well.
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    Daniil - world no1 how long for?

    Thiem was just too streaky for me to think he would be #1. I always thought one of Med or Zverev would get it first (thought it would be Zverev up until a year ago). Med will be #1 either later this year or next year. Novak doesn’t play enough tournaments, which is why his YE#1 is in jeopardy...
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    Radacanu fires her coach

    He was only for the USO, he has a kid he’s focusing on and he doesn’t want to travel. People need to actual know background before running with things.
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    "PLAYING THE OLYMPICS WAS A BIG MISTAKE" : Says former Davis Cup Captain on Djokovic

    Djokovic was up a set and a break on Zverev and then he collapsed. So saying that he was not in a winning position is a lie.
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    Who is least likely to win a(nother) Slam?

    Rublev is less likely by far. Berrettini is the only one who can currently play on grass. The other three...enough said.
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    Question for Djokovic fans...

    You think he is. He is not but Fedal fans will never be convinced.
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    Question for Djokovic fans...

    Oh no, my player only won 3 majors instead of 4 this will I go on? All joking aside, I was over it by the second set. Novak wasn’t playing that well from the beginning of the tournament but no one could even think to make him pay until possibly Zverev and Med. After the Zed match, I...
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    In the final analysis, Federer actually came closer to the CYGS (TWICE)

    I’ve officially read everything on this board.
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    Was this Novak's own 40-15 ?

    The usual suspects are being absolutely ridiculous. Fedal was never in this position in the first place so I’m not sure how this is embarrassing for Novak. He just didn’t have enough physically or mentally. These threads are what’s embarrassing.
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    Djokovic News

    Three slams in a year is something players can only dream of achieving. It would have been nice to do a GS but it is what it is. I’m proud that he was able to tie Fedal. Onward to AO!
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    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    Fedal fans are being such hypocrites and having memory loss now. The crowd has been a problem since forever but I guess it didn’t matter when they’re playing won?