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    HEAD dumps Tomic

    Spot on.
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    HEAD dumps Tomic

    Delightful. Hope the rest of his sponsors follow suit. I'd like to see him driving a taxi in Sydney - after all we all know how little Bernie hates Sydney traffic...
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    Bernard Tomic's at it again. Cocky comments in his press conference
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    Bernard Tomic's at it again. Cocky comments in his press conference

    A spectacular embarrassment to himself. I couldn't care less about that - not in the least. Character is destiny. What I do care about is that he's also a spectacular embarrassment to Australian tennis. If only dear little "bored" Bernie and dear old Dad had settled somewhere other than...
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    Kyrgios banned for 8 weeks!

    If only it was 800 weeks ... or 8000. I can only hope this wannabe gangsta and poster boy for the age of entitlement follows his dream of becoming an NBA star. Or becomes a cleaner. Or a shop assistant. Or worker in a fast food store. Anything rather than boring me senseless with his latest...
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    Carpet - should it be brought back?

    Yep. The game needs variety - desperately.
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    Shia Laboeuf to play McEnroe in new flick

    I have never seen a decent "tennis" movie. For some reason it doesn't seem to translate well to film. Hope this one is an exception.
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    Did Djokovic ruin grasscourt tennis?

    Wimbledon ruined grasscourt tennis by slowing it down too much.
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    Djokovic a class act and gentleman

    He's a class act in my book.
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    Best Pro outfits

    Very true.
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    Best Pro outfits

    Fed by far. Except for that dreadful admiral's jacket he pulled out after that Wimby final against Roddick - a crime against good taste.
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    Best Pro outfits

    You can say that again. :-)
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    Anyone else see The Night Of?

    It's a slow burn that's for sure but it's well worth sticking with. John Turturro's performance is superb - be surprised if he doesn't win some awards.
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    Anyone else see The Night Of?

    By the same people who gave us the magnificent The Wire. I thought it was superb except for one inexplicable and highly inplausible plot development. Comments?