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    Zero Americans in Year End ATP Top 20 For The First Time in History

    Everyone forgetting 2020 is one big huge *
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    Greatest rivalry in tennis?

    A tennis rivalry poll without Federer-Nadal is discreditable
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    USO much better run and safer than FO

    Well to be fair, Nadal complains EVERYTIME, conditions aren’t perfect for Nadal to win.
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    We Do Not Blame The Djoker For Not Attending Post Match Interview.

    Him leaving speaks volumes about his character. Similarly, the character of those who support his blatant unprofessionalism, is also revealed. Pledging fealty to any sports athlete is beyond ridiculous, and guess what, he won’t sleep with you for doing so. Those who wish ill will to this woman...
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    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    As a general rule of thumb, that I found is that the flatter you hit, the larger the grip, and go down if you're more of a spin player. I used to play with an L5, but as I incorporated more spin, went all the way down to an L3. But since my game is a little more all-court based and not solely...
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    Bianca Andreescu Racket

    I just tend to I just tend to block them and move one :-D
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    Negative attitude towards tennis

    I don't care who's in the final as they deserved their spot there. I do agree that having the same people time over time is a little monotonous though, and gets boring real quick. But it is what it is. It's a pay for performance sport, no a everyone gets a participation event.
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    TT 100p too powerful, TT95?

    Wilson, Prince, Babolat, Yonex, etc... APPROVES THIS MESSAGE LOL
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    Comparing yesterdays Nadal win and Federer loss

    Even if Nadal wins Wimbledon, on Monday morning Federer losing will still be infinitely bigger news than Nadal winning. LOL
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    Fed Fans - Is this the beginning of the end?

    So what if it is? He isn't a god, and anytime he steps on the court nowadays is a blessing. In an era where matches are glorified practice sessions, we must appreciate his style of play while it lasts, because when he's gone, we probably won't ever see this style ever again.
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    but you did say YOUR life savings. But hey, we'll just assume you state that you didn't have much in there to begin with :)
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    Nadal claims slam record is not unattainable

    Assuming of course, Federer doesn't win a another major. He would certainly be a favorite at Wimbledon this year, and one of the favorites at the US Open. Y'all are acting as if Nadal will already win more slams, and Fed won't.
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    Did Nadal Hurt Federer More Than Federer Hurt Nadal?

    20 > 16, all you need to know. No amount of selective pseudo analysis is going to change that. When Nadal reaches the same amount as Nadal, then we can throw out that equalizing factor, an discuss minutia intangibles. But hey, if Nadal surpasses Federer, I'll consider him the GOAT.
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    New Wilson PS97 revision - when?

    You must be new to the internet, or to this board in general. Welcome! If you give it some time, you'll find there are some useful people out there :) Just joking...
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    Will all Federer fans finally accept?

    TT logic. Federer has most slams, yet doesn't matter to Nadal fans because (you know), head-to-head. 2017, Nadal fans say Nadal is best because he has more wins than Federer because, its not about the head-to-head. LOL. Both had EQUALLY great years to me, and was one of the better years of...