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    Corentin Moutet racket

    Any more precise information about his racquet and strings setup?
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    Xavier Malisse's Racquet

    Thanks! Do you know also which black strings he uses now?
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    Xavier Malisse's Racquet

    Does this look to you the same throat of thr his old Prince? So he came back to it from the Vcore pro 100, and now using also a black poly strings. Maybe @onkystomper has information about it.
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    Xavier Malisse's Racquet

    In this image I see that Malisse has changed equipment again; does anyone recognize this current racket and setup?
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    Camilla Giorgi Mystery Stick

    If you zoom on the throat, you can read "in Italy".
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    Felix Auger Alliassime racquet specs

    Great!!! Thank you very much! Sorry for OT, have you any inormation also about Corentin Moutet's racket?
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    Dominic Thiem's new strings at Indian Wells

    Sorry for the OT, do you know also the strings setup of Tomic and Davidovich Fokina at Roland Garros or Madrid?
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    Davidovich Fokina gear I read in this article that in the past, when he was sponsored by Tecnifibre, he used Black Code in thickness gauge 1.32. But now I think it has changed.
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    Davidovich Fokina gear

    Someone has information about his racquet, string and tension?
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    Any Prince Stencils in Early 2019?

    But Hicham Arazi uses a Pure Drive now!
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    Pro Stringers Racquets, Strings, and Setup

    Hello, do you know if Tomic still uses this setup, or switched to another hybrid combo? Thanks
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    Tomic Black Head Racquet

    Anyone Knows Tomic' strings setup at Wimbledon 2018? It does not seem a hybrid.
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    2018 Tecnifibre T-Fight XTC Rackets

    Anyone can make a comparison between the new T-fight 300 XTC and the old 300 Dynacore red and black version? Is the new one a great improvement? Thanks
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    Nicolas Jarry specs?

    Very interesting! Any information also about actual Marcelo Rios' racket and strings?
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    Kasatkina´s Tecnifibre Racket is ?

    Someone has more detailed information about her racket and strings setup?