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    Leather Grip vs Thin Synthetic (ResiThin/Featherthin/Pro Thin/etc.). Which absorbs shock better?

    These WIlson 3/8 handles feel a bit bigger than my Prince 3/8s and I wanted to try to make it feel smaller. I've historically put leather grips on because they do make handles feel a bit thinner (as they're not as spongy), and it helps a little bit with added weight. Then I realized I could just...
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    WTB Wilson Clash 98 L2 (1/4) Willing to pick up a Clash 98 at a pretty decent discount if possible, so loved racquets with rashes and chips are A-Okay. Not looking to spend more than $110ish shipped if you have one to unload! Thanks!
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    Impressed by Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch - Is it the 18g Poly Mains stealing the show?

    So this summer I decided to venture and try out a plethora of different kinds of strings and string combos from my usual Babolat Tonic 16g Mains and (Whatever Poly I wanted to toss on) 16/17g Crosses. This most recent setup I tried was the Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch which is Tour XT 18g and...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I've made the switch over to the Clash 100 after a a multi year period with the Prince Warrior line (was using the Speedport 97 before that). The comfort is out of this world, and I can use polys without it hurting my wrist/forearm/elbow/etc because of my less than perfect form. Not that I use...
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    Best method to test clamps before starting on frame?

    Thank you all for your advice. I have a used Ghost I, according to the stats, it did approx 4000 racquets? Damn. Maybe I should replace the clamps. First I'll give them a super deep cleaning.
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    Best method to test clamps before starting on frame?

    In an effort to provide even more accurate results to myself/friends, I wanted to make sure my clamps weren't slipping. Normally, I just clamp right before the tension that "crimps" the strings, and try to do to get the tension before it causes ghosting on a Multi (like Multifeel). I've seen...
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    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    Always down to support the lesser known brands. What strings do you recommend if I dig the following Multis/Polys (personal choices) Multis: Tecnifibre Multifeel, Head Velocity, Prince Premier Control Polys: Lux Alu Power, Tecnifibre Black Code, Solinco Confidential
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    Kobayashi Maru String Scenario

    There's a new "Hybrid 3D" called RPX: This might be the economical version of the Triax that I've been looking for !
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    Any new round co-polys out there that play like Solinco Confidential?

    I'm play testing a bunch of new hybrids and found one I'm digging a lot. Solinco Confidential 16L mains, with Tecnifibre Multifeel 16 crosses at 50lbs. The problem is, the shaped poly is cutting into the crosses and popped it in about 3 hours. TW USA doesn't carry it in 15L for Multifeel, so I...
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    What replaced Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament ?

    It was called "Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament"
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    What replaced Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament ?

    The cross-section does look the same, thanks! I'll pick up a pack of these as well to test.
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    What replaced Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament ?

    Thanks, I actually picked up a reel of Rip Control because my friends use it, but I personally never tried it. I'll give Velocity a shot.
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    What replaced Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament ?

    Hi all, Well I went crazy and bought a new stringer and a bunch of sets and reels to experiment on my racquets. I remember this being a great string in a full bed, and I thought it would probably play great as a cross to a poly in the mains. The thing is, when I go to check Prince...
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    What are my first steps to ensure long healthy life for new machine? Bought a used Alpha Ghost I

    Bahahaha, my wife def. gave me a side eye when I got excited that I got a new stringer. It will be a hard sell for it to be the centerpiece of the living room. Banished to the basement most likely. I will take a look around to find out that "Alpha + Stringway" vendor so I ask any questions I...
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    What are my first steps to ensure long healthy life for new machine? Bought a used Alpha Ghost I

    So I made a previous thread less than a week ago about fixing up my neglected Mutual Power 7600. Well I saw an Alpha Ghost I on the fleabay and put in a best offer that got accepted for $1,800. May have gotten fleeced a bit here because it's the older model, but I committed to buying it so it's...