1. skip1969

    Fashion Police: Roland Garros 2021 Edition

    So, it's a been a couple of days now and we've all seen some matches. Any kits worth talking about? The pickings look . . . slim. Lets have it. Give us the good, the bad, and the fugly.
  2. D

    Pink/Salmon prevails in Men AO

    I so surprised to see so many pink colors in men draw, looks like big Sponsors try to make some statement?? Dai
  3. Gregory Eche


    This is the practice shirt he wore during the Laver cup practice. The design is quite similar to the last years designs, and i think there is a bull logo on back... Anyone knows ? ;)
  4. skip1969

    Fashion Police: US Open 2017 Edition

    Well, tourney's more than half-way through. By now we've seen just about all the kits on offer. Rain is in the forecast for this week, so at some point, we'll need something frivolous to talk about. So, lets post the good and the bad of what's on offer for our hard earned money.
  5. 6onza

    Del Potro's 2015 sydney tshirt

    Hi guys! First post here.. I just have a quick one. I'm looking for info about this awesome tshirt which Delpo dressed during the Sydney tourament in 2015: If it's possible I would like to know about the whole outfit info (name of collection, etc) because I could not find any more...