1. cowsheeprat

    My "Blacked out" Boris Becker Estusa ProVantech PB

    I bought a Estusa BB ProVantech that was in quite bad shape - but wanted it for a small project - a fully blacked out Estusa. Used a combination of 240 & 320 grit sandpaper and regular matte-black spray paint. Weighs 340g.
  2. D

    any stiff, egg shaped midpluses with 18 mains? (Kneissl, Adidas, Puma, Estusa, Mizuno, or others...)

    I understand the Kneissl Star series ending with '35' were midplusses but i can not seem to find and specifications (especially in regards to flex/stiffness) and was wondering if any of those beautiful frames were made stiff. the original lendl gtx frames were really flexible (not to mention...