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    ESPN AO Picks

    Some horrible picks here. Raonic winner is a shot in the dark, and Wawrinka and Nadal both have incredibly easy draws, yet are nominated for toughest road.
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    Cold weather play: Left hand felt much colder than the right.

    Always like that for me. The opposite if I'm playing a sport I play left-handed.
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    Federer, Nadal criticized by Roddick - ANDY ENVIOUS?

    Federer and Nadal are both PR machines. He's totally right. Even though Nadal is a villain to many, he sure doesn't embrace it and tries to create a positive "warrior" narrative for himself. Federer seems to pride himself on his lack of expression, though he's been more straightforward in the...
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    Men, how tall are you?

    Short for an American. 5'8 and look shorter
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    Apparently Dimitrov was practicing at UCLA......

    Jesus, he'll be on Edberg by next month at the rate he's going through Federer's life.
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    Why Federer has more love, but Nadal has more followers on social network?

    Nadal has been more successful in the past few years and is thus as well or better known among casual fans who watch tennis a couple times a year. Federer is much more popular amongst people who watch frequently.
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    Where does Djokovic's 2013 season rate in terms of best YE#2?

    He really should have won 3 Slams... just failed in the mental aspect in big events.
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    Which year do you prefer 2013 or 2014 for ment's tennis

    2014 was better for sure, slightly better quality and much more exciting results- most notably the rise of young players. I think most people saying 2013 are doing a knee-jerk reaction to an admittedly awful WTF
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    Does Anyone Not Have a Favorite?

    I'm a fan of players, but no top player if that's what you mean (despite the name, not really a Djokovic fan for a while). Ferrer, if he counts.
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    Sam Groth sponsored by TW?

    On the arm of record numbers of bad ball tosses, actually
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    Results, OOPs, etc.

    GOAT center court line up
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    you guys talk about equaling prize money, I say the women should start playing 5 sets

    I agree with it in principle. But on the other hand, ugh, they take up enough court time already.
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    Why does Nadal lose to non-Big 3 in Slams

    Nadal is (and so is Murray) more vulnerable to anyone having a hot day because he is a defensive player. Simple as that. The more aggressive Federer and Djokovic are much more masters of their own fate. This is one of the reasons it is so stupid to bring up head to head. You have to play very...
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    Would you rather lose like Bouchard or Federer?

    Bouchard tbh. Preferably somewhere in between. Neither heartbreaking nor humiliating. A nice clean 6-3 7-6(2) 6-4