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    @matchpoint9 update?
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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    Will there be a happy hour sale today (November 20)? Or are you keeping us waiting for an amaze-balls black friday????
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    Finally progress on the Slinger Bag! Surveys better be coming out in "1 to 2 weeks..." The latest update also says we'll be getting a free gift and CASE of Triniti Balls. Call me high-hoping but I hope it's not a typo and they really do give use 72 Triniti Balls for use with the machine. Even...
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    Tier One Sports

    25% off deal going on rn
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    Millman’s racket

    I have the chance to acquire one of his frames... In the T-Fight DC 320 (2017? Red white and blue) paintjob. The only identifiers in the pictures are the custom buttcap and DC Belgium customization sticker. 329g, 295sw, March 2018. 41/2 grip size. Anybody have any other info?
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    Antibacterial Apparel

    None... I hope. The silver just helps to reduce odor, so somebody like me (hormonal, sweaty junior) doesn't cause a biohazard incident. I wear socks with silver/antimicrobial tech and they work really well. Shoes don't smell, feet don't smell, I'm happy.
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    Antibacterial Apparel

    Does anybody know of any good, fairly priced (no Lululemon) silver-infused antimicrobial shirts/shorts? Thanks all!
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    Head Experimental 1st Impressions

    Finally! A Talk Tennis-er with insight on Lynx Tour (name after official release). I'm super stoked about the string, sounds so much better than the current Lynx.
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    The gut/poly thread

    I've tried Hyper-G, 4G, ALU Rough, Hawk Rough, and Element. And then XPerience, as stated. In terms of best to worst, X-Perience, ALU Rough, 4G, Element (way too powerful, but that's my only gripe), Hawk Rough, and Hyper G (Hyper G was weirdly plasticy. Destroyed the gut, I broke this in one...
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    The gut/poly thread

    KLIP Legend has a really nice slick, thick, and firm (lol) coating. It's my favorite natural gut, Signum did dent it a little bit after stringing, but that sort of "locked" the crosses in. Not much sawing, just notched and didn't fray too much. I broke it in my Prince TT310 after a month and a...
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    The gut/poly thread

    Signum Pro X-Perience 16G. Thank me later.
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    Diadem Premier

    Just hit with a can today, outdoor hardcourt, 60 degrees outside with no wind and zero humidity. Perfect tennis conditions. Compared directly to a fresh can of US Open Extra Duty, ProPenn Marathon, and Penn Championship Extra Duty (the cheap-o ones everybody uses at one point). Diadem is...
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    New update should've been received. They "clarified" that it's a November final production and shipping, not November delivery. They just delayed it without saying "we have to delay." Nowhere in update 28 does it say that that November was the shipping and production. They better give us a...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Babolat RPM Power 1.25

    I think it is/was on Head Officials instagram page... if not, it was one of their sales rep. Definitely legit though, it's a shaped, champagne colored poly.
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    Dominic Thiem's new strings at Indian Wells

    RPM Power playtest up in the strings thread, fyi