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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    The Kevlar mains gave me enough length to do 18 mains in a 99in racquet, enough left over to use the diablo, pull, and cut the tip at an angle so I could tie off.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    For those of you looking to stock up during the sale, the buy 3 pay for 2 (33% off) is a really good deal. Works out to be better than buying reels (although you should be able to call TW and ask for buy 3 pay 2 on reels). 3 sets of Ashaway Crossfire ZX = $24, or $8 per set, $4 per half set...
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    The gut/poly thread

    Moved my brother over to gut/poly after he experienced discomfort using a full bed of Luxilon 4G in a Speed 360 MP. What's interesting is that he isn't wearing through gut/poly as quickly as he did full poly. He consistently broke Hyper G, Pro Line 2, and 4G in at most 18 hours. Wilson Gut 16...
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    Anyone play with Toroline Caviar poly?

    Wait for Black Friday. They *usually* run a 50% off gig.
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    RDC machine in Dallas?

    Mozi (Dustin Tankersly) most likely has a SW machine at the very least.
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    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    I can only comment on Game Changer. Much more comfortable than Hyper-G, has really deep pocketing and ball feel. Also has sharper edges and a slicker surface.
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    Favorite multifilament

    Hey! I've seen this one before. Kidding. Sorta. There's a Prince Multi with the same name...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    No, PTR (poly tour rev) definitely has a slicker, snappier surface.
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    Isospeed cream or Tier one ghost wire?

    +1 for ghost wire.
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    First impressions of 1.20mm. 48x45 in a Six.One Team 18x20. Really muted, but quite firm. Low, low power. Reminds me a lot of RPM Blast. The stringbed just feels mushy? Muted? Across the whole thing. Not a lot of pocketing. Spin was ok but I don't hit with a lot of spin anyways. For those who...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex POLYTOUR REV string!

    Easy string up. Suuupppeerrr slick, I'd say on par with PT Fire and RPM Blast. Below average coil memory (good thing). Bright orange and shiny. Shape is like RPM Blast/Team as well, not very evident/sharp but definitely there. Although it says firm, the mains are already pressing into the...
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    What will be your pointless “it was on sale” purchase this year?

    How are TW used racquets? Grade C doesn't sound too appealing...
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    Will It Pallet?

    Liked for the SNK809 :)
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    New Yonex Vcore (for 2020 or 2021 ?)

    Also consistently the most expensive.
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    Still enjoying your Six One 95’s?

    Does a Six.One Team qualify me? :D