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    CanadianChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro

    Can't believe this thread is still alive, how is everyone? Really liking the changes TW has made to the forum.
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    Hope you're doing well! :)

    Hope you're doing well! :)
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    New Blackberry 9900 Thread

    I'm buying it for Verizon, heard nothing but great things about the keyboard. Still can't get used to the touchscreen keyboards and all my friends have BBM.
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    people from USA who speaks another language?

    English, Farsi, and conversational in Spanish
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    What kind of smartphone do you have?

    I use both a Blackberry Tour and Nexus S.
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    MacBook Pro

    Uhhh, no. Thinkpads by far. If we're talking from design standpoint then maybe, although I'm really not a fan of the current models. I like the older generation a lot more.
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    CanadianChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro

    Stop dreaming about me, CC. GOD! :) Everythings pretty good on this end, just the usual stuff. Currently in NYC on business, still living in Cali, but we're thinking about taking a long vacation in Chicago during the summer since Aiden's never been there longer than a week, usually when it's...
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    CanadianChic's Corner - The NON-Chat Cafe Bar and Bistro

    Hey! How's the gang doing? :)
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    Need help with MATLAB programming final project

    First off, I was joking with my post (and I feel like Gimmick is too) but I love how this thread is turning out. Also, comparing what I did (which is nothing) to paying people to do their final project? So yes, I am better than a potential cheater. And this kid posted the same thing on another...
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    Need help with MATLAB programming final project

    I reported Jonathon, and I'm outraged he hasn't been expelled. I will be contacting the Dean and I'll keep you guys updated.
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    what would you do: Gift question

    You do realize that iPhone factory earbuds are absolute **** right?
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    Girl Help!

    She sounds a lot like me when I eat by myself and some creep tries to hit on me.
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    Are you ready to forgive Michael Vick?

    I don't understand all the hate for Vick still, who did his time and has been pretty clean since coming back. Where's the hate for serial rapist Ben Roethlisberger?
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    Search Bar

    Jesus, do a search next time.
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    Spreading the love for the Amazon Kindle.

    I have a Kindle, used it a couple times but I prefer real books still. And my book self is starting to look pretty awesome in my office, so that's a plus.