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    ~:[POG Club]:~ Open to all POG users

    Add me too. I have the second version. I play with full poly, also. Did anyone change the leather to synthetic grip? I did after the leather had harden but the feel wasn't the same. Then I switched it back to Wilson leather grips. the feel was back and the leather was softer too. I find that I...
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    New Princes

    Seriously, I just got my SP black and I switch to string holes. Even with the string holes, I had difficulties getting the strings through the holes where the holes had been covered. They also made the first cross strings to close to the head. I had no space for my string clamps. Poly 16g is not...
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    Too much tennis=tennis elbow

    I can see how poor techniques can lead to TE also equipments are factors too. Generally speaking, top lvl coaches will know what wrong technique can lead to TE. For example, one coach may say too much rotation of the wrist can lead to wrist injuries and TE. Then they will probably say that do...
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    Tips on my forehand (video)

    Here is another video:
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    Benefit of modern forehand?

    What I have read about the modern forehand technique versus old technique so far in this post is different from what I got from other coaches. No one really described the preparation and transitions towards contact so I'll give what I have been told. Most coaches now told me that I should add...
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    Honolulu Futures - video

    the kid with the unorthodox forehand, I'm going to be his physical therapist someday
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    Rate this video anyone?

    He looks pretty solid. I would not nip-pick the techniques of the strokes. There are players who are very unorthodox to the way they play. As long he doesn't injure himself, he should simply fine tune his game.
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    Rate this video anyone?

    That is true. College would also look for previous matches won, awards, ranking, etc. got to give something concrete, video of matches.
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    How far do you stand? REally! how do you win?

    This is collegiate tennis or men's open.
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    How far do you stand? REally! how do you win?

    How many people play 6 feet away from the baseline and really have to fight for the court? If you do, you probably going through the same problem I'm facing. So if you do stand away from the baseline often, do you practice a lot of passing shots, lobs, drop shots? speed and footwork? or upper...
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    String Stlye?

    Hybrids are great as long you know what two strings to put together. I prefer using polyester mains and soft strings for crosses which could be syn gut, multi, or natural. hybrids are not that bad.
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    recommendation for tennis instructional videos

    restrung in 24 hours is not that bad. i would recommend it for beginners. I also believe some intermediate players can get a lot out of this video.
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    wikipedia articles on forehand, serve etc...

    everyone plays different... I find it difficult to find articles to further advance my tennis game. Sometime after a long break, I have to go back to the basics and built myself up again. The game changes every year due to new racquets and talents. It's hard for the traditional players to keep...
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    need advice for lack of energy

    Can you be more specific about the "lack of energy", strengthwise or endurance wise? I'm going to assume you have a healthy social life style, not stressed out by family, peers, or school. The solution sounds pretty basic. Get plenty of sleep, EAT RIGHT (oh stay away from cholestrols, you...
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    elbow strength exercises

    What your son has developed is golfer's elbow. From what I read, description seems to be indicating the inside of the elbow. I developed the same thing from serving due to overuse of forearm rotation. Exercises do prevent such injuries but does not cure the problem. From what I have researched...