Am I doing something wrong?


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I'm a newbie stringer and use a basic drop weight machine (Gamma Progression 200).

I test the tension after finishing stringing with a Gamma Tension Tester, primarily to have an initial data point to determine when to restring. After stringing my Babolat Pure Drive at 53 lbs, I tested the tension and the mains were pretty close to 53 lbs, but the crosses were in the 30-35 lb range. Am I doing something wrong or is that normal?


No. You lose a lot of tension due to friction when stringing the crosses. How did the racket play? That's the important thing.


Move the cross string up and down at least once to remove interstring friction. Then clamp. With a DW, that is logical thing to do. Your cross string will get a lot closer to ref tension.
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The gamma tension tester is just as reliable as the Stringmeter (NOT!). And only L-strings can be measured, not the cross- strings.
You do the right thing: use it as a reference point, that's it.

(with the stringmeter, the only "accurate" measurement is on a "free" string; you can check that easily with a dropweight to measure a l-string while tensioning)