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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by SiggeZ, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Hi guys!
    I have an extreme western forehand (Berasategui-like) and need more power (loss of power probably an effect of having a very bent arm). I have a very clean hit and hit fairly flat. My swing is kind of short/compact. I am playing with a Pure Drive 300 g.

    Where would you suggest me to put lead tape to get more power? Should I go for head heavy, head light or keep the balance?

    One thought: would a longer racket compensate for having a very bent arm?

    Suggestions more than welcome (except changing swing/grip - it comes very very natural for me)
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    I'd polarize it and rebalance it a little. I just did this to my APDGT.

    I put a 7 gram fishing weight wrapped in a piece of overgrip in the buttcap.

    I then put 2 grams of lead tape at 12. The strips are 1/4 wide and 4 inches long. There are 2 total.

    Try that and if you want more power, simply add 2 more strips of lead.

    Go 2 grams at a time..sounds light, but it is better than adding a lot of weight at once. You may not need much, and you will be able to keep your stick light, since you need a lot of racquet speed with that type of grip.

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