For 9gag fellows

The Bawss

That is terrible. I'm trying to be nice about it but it's impossible. If that makes the trending page I will shoot myself in the cok.
you sir have no sense of humor...

naaa just kidding, i thought it was terrible to, but hey...
it was a first try

just dont shoot yourself anywhere..
facepalm will be enough
you should try the hot page first.
post there have a very refined humor, not the poor type i made.
but like i said, it was a first, and probably a last! I guess its just not my thing
dont take it out in the blog itself

it is funny i guarantee (not my post, the site)
4chan? what is that?
sounds like "fortune"

i have enought trouble already understanding the abreviated names of strings in this forum... psgd and spppp and whatnot...