quick release destroys my string


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hi on the new pros pro crank handle quick release system the chops made from pure iron and leave notches in my string. does anyone have this problem too? old chops were made from kind of black plastic. regards


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A Pros Pro crank handle quick release system with chops?

EDIT: is that also known as a crank (lockout) machine with gravity release bases (clamps?)
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When you say 'chops', do you mean clamps? If the clamps are leaving marks on the string, clean and adjust them.


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I'm curious if the next new big thing would be the "correct" "quick release", aka release the base and automatically release the clamp
I would not trust them, I’d still release the base then the clamp. Then again they already have virtually the same thing with glide bar single action clamps. Both the base and clamp are released at the same time.