Video Comparisons of Your Strokes to Pros, Single Frame on Forum

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Copy the instructions below with videos or substitute other videos, especially compilations & model players, and insert your stroke video. You can copy the entire post below but the videos do not copy & paste. Copy and paste each video by clicking on it and copying. For best comparisons, use clear high speed videos. Find model techniques that you like. Edit in new videos to update. There is a maximum 5 video limit per post on this forum.

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Compare your strokes one above the other & single frame in this post. To single frame on Youtube, use the period & comma keys. Always select the video using alt key + left mouse click, otherwise the video starts playing. You can go to full screen and come back down and the video stays on the same frame.

To use Vimeo, single frame by holding down the SHIFT KEY and using the ARROW KEYS.

Compare similar impacts regarding impact height and pace, avoid pressure shots, avoid low intensity practice shots. List all stroke technique differences. To identify the particular stroke clips being compared, record the time scale of the impacts, example, 'backhand at 4:32'.

Justine Henin APAS display.
---- substitute a two hand backhand compilation for this one hand backhand compilation.

I recently found the APAS technique, it is one application of 3D motion capture systems. For the Justine Henin APAS video, notice especially the separation angle between the pelvis line (a line between the two hips) and the line between the two shoulders. The rib cage appears to move with the shoulders line. The APAS video may not show internal & external rotations accurately. ?

Warning - The APAS video shows the lines between the two shoulders and the two hips move independently and involve twisting of the spine and trunk, a major power source. Twisting may be too stressful for some spines and trunks, take care and also limit your range of motion.

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