yonex vcore 97

  1. M

    String for Vcore pro 97

    I am going to buy a vcore pro 97 after testing and loving it, but I do not know which string to strung, I saw that this frame does not work well with hyper g or you need to strung with different tensions. Please help me
  2. pico

    Yonex Vcore 97 HD vs Gravity Pro

    I currently use the Gravity Pro and like it. The Yonex Vcore 97 HD interests me too. It is the 18 x 20 version (320g). Has anyone used both these racquets and can compare?
  3. Frans Bleker

    The best Yonex VCore Tour version

    Dear Forum Members, The VCore tour line from Yonex with the 97 sq inch head size has been around for some years now. Trew the years significant changes for better or for worse have been made to the VCore Tour line. I was wondering what is, according to the general opinion, the best version of...