Are lunar vapor 7 tours better or equal in comfort compared to 9.5 if not what are the pros and cons

Which are better

  • lunar vapor 7

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  • zoom 9.5 tour

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Vapor 9/9.5 is the best shoes and selling extremely well without warranty.
Nike knows and Nike did not even try new vapor X/10.
Never seen Nike stays in same design for 5+ years.


lunars r suck. their uppet won't last(just use them for walking few days, I got a hole at upper!!!!), and cushioning is like sponge so easy to be fatigued.
worst vapor i've ever tried. the only 7 that I am keeping is 2010 uso fed exclusive one.


The Vapors have actually improved every year so the 9.5 is the latest and greatest. Unlike the Barricades which are spotty year to year and you have folks like Djoker retaining a 3 year old model on the market. This is very costly for Adidas (cost of manufacturing lines, new designs, djoker stamps on the shoes) and they secretly hate him for this. Probably single handedly lowered their gross margins by 50 basis points over the past 2 years.

Bobby Jr

LL Vapour Tours were ok shoes but had poor lateral support at the heel. That plastic heel counter thing on the outside was cosmetic. That said, they were still better than the V8s which were like wearing a plastic bag on your feet. Terrible breathability. The 9 is the best of the lot imo - superior to the 9.5 which changed most of the upper to a plasticy material which is more flimsy support-wise. They changed mainly I assume so they could make the shoes way cheaper (fewer parts, less gluing, cheaper material) but it gave them the option of doing cooler designs like fades or stripes/checks (which will come in time probably).

V8s FYI.


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I love wearing the vapor 9 and 9.5. Like the other said, the 7 & 8 were stiff to wear. Although the 6th version worked well for me.

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I love wearing the vapor 9 and 9.5. Like the other said, the 7 & 8 were stiff to wear. Although the 6th version worked well for me.
Exactly. Just look at the tongue. I have the white/red V8's and they are beautiful - but that tongue feels like a hard piece of cardboard pressing against the top of your foot. I couldn't imagine playing tennis in them. The V9.5 are just so comfortable.
I had the 6s which were pretty good and when they came out with the 7s, I thought they made a horrible mistake. The 7s are not stable and cushioning isn't that great on them. Zoom Air beats Luanrlon anyday. I wore the 7s a couple times and almost rolled my ankle rolled a couple of times and that was it for these shoes. They have horrible lateral stability.

The 9s and 9.5s are really great shoes. The only difference I notice between the 9 and 9.5 is the thicker padding in the tongue on the 9.5s. These are the best Vapors and Nike knows it. Only complains you get about Vapors is durability. The only way to improve the shoe is increase durability or instead of Zoom Air, use Adidas Boost technology which we all know will never happen. This would be the ultimate tennis shoes.