Feel = control?


Hi you there. This might sound absurd, but i found that when i changed the original grip of my LM4 for a thinner one (the Tecnifire Tourfit) and started just to rebound the ball over my strings, i felt more vibrations (expected) but also made me control the ball much much more! Is this just a placebo effect or more feel = more control?

I also changed the standard Babolat custom damp for the Pete's o'ring.

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The ball is on the strings for 5 milliseconds. The speed that nerves conduct signals means that by the time the impact signal has reached about the level of your shoulder, the ball has left the strings. By the time your brain senses the ball hitting the racquet, the ball is well clear of your racquet.


Placebo effect. "Feel" isn't experienced by your brain until after the ball has left the strings, thus no impact on control.