informal hitting comparison- LM Prestige MP vs iprestige MP

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Richie Rich, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Richie Rich

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    Feb 24, 2004
    I hit with both frames for a total of 2 1/2 hours today. I use the iprestige MP std as my regular racquet. No additional weight added other than I use a leather grip and overgrip. I'm a 5.0, all-court player. 2h bh, 1h bh slice approach, use top on fh and bh. Fairly big 1st serve (flat or spin) and kick second serve.

    I warmed up and played the first set with my regular racquet, the iprestige MP. Second and third set I played with the LM pres MP.

    My ipreMP is strung with NXT 17 at 62lbs. The LM presMP was strung with Head Control 16 at 61lbs. The unstrung and strung specs are very similar. Both approx 11.5 oz unstrung, 12 oz strung, head light balance, and similar flex ratings. However, they play and feel different. Also, it looks like the mold of the LMpresMP is based on the original Prestige/Prestige Classic. Where the throat meets the head the frame is solid and boxy while the ipresMP has those small groves (those who have seen both the ipres and the PC will know what I mean).

    The LMpresMP also feels more flexy than the ipresMP. I noticed this on serves and my groundstrokes. The LMpresMP seemed to flex more in the upper hoop, even though the liquid metal is supposed to add strength to this area of the frameI didn't feel I could get the power on my fh, bh, and serves as I did with my ipresMP. The ball seemed to land shorter in my opponents side and be less "heavy" . The guy I was playing said he also noticed a big difference, especially on my inside out fh - it was less heavy with the LMpresMP than my ipresMP. Maneuverability for both frames felt the same. I could hit all of my normal shots with the LMpresMP without feeling rushed or late. I did notice the increased flex on returns of serve, especially heavy kickers to my bh and I sliced the return - the LMpresMP felt like it was really bending while the ipresMP didn't have the same amount of flex. There was also less pace on the returns with the LMpresMP but I attribute that to the strings - the Head Control string wasn't as powerful as NXT in my ipresMP.

    Other than the flex, I didn't feel that much difference between the 2 frames. The LMpresMP felt very solid and could do the things you wanted it to do. Control was excellent, power was there if you have the right mechanics and take a nice big cut. Weight of the frame allows you to plow through the ball nicely. Fairly easy to get around if you are already used to similar weighted racquets. Serves were placed well but I served bigger with the ipresMP. No discernable gain or loss of spin. The thing for me was the increased flexy feeling. I know both frames are rated at around 62/63 but the LMpresMP felt more like a Volkl c-10 in the upper hoop.

    Overall, I'm not so sure the LMpresMP is a great improvement over the iprestige for me. I'll stick with what I have and save the extra money for more post match beers :D.

    That's my short review about the things I noticed the most. Didn't get into too much technical detail since I was concentrating on playing my match.
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    Feb 22, 2004
    Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK
    Hey Richie rich

    Thanks for the comparison. I'm looking to try the LMPreMP too. I'm a bit concerned that it felt more flexi than the ipres. I've only been using the i for about 9 months so Im late to it having used Ti Rads and iRads. Loved the Ti but the iRad was to stiff & powerful & not enougth control.

    Its good to hear from someone who has played both rqts and not someone who tries everything going.


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