Luxillon 4g 125 vs 130


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Im finding a real hard time getting this question answered. Whats the difference between 125 and 130 they feel virtually exactly same. is there really any difference besides the increas in diameter by whats equivalent to a nano meter?

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yep there is a slight gauge diff.
but that will also equate into a stiffness diff.
normally thinner is softer
Stiffness (lb/in) 287 for 16
Stiffness (lb/in) 259 for 16L
Tension loss maybe be diff aslo
Spin Potential also
Energy Return - power...

So try them both and see what works for you.


4G is a dead feeling (muted) pre stretched poly/copoly. I would use either in a MP 16x19. Use the 1.4 mm or 1.3 mm in an open string pattern. Use the 1.25 mm in an 18x20. These strings are for people looking for tension maintenance and durability.