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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by thejuice, Sep 9, 2013.

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    Hey guys, I am recently returning to the game after about a three year layoff. I went out to hit with my gamers of old ('09 Pure Storm LTD GT's) and with my timing being off just couldn't hit them like I used to. I am thinking of getting rid of them and getting something more recent. I know when I want to sell or trade my golf clubs there is a pricing guide put out by the PGA that allows you to see approximately how much your clubs would be worth. Is there anything like that for racquets? I always take care of my sticks so my racquets would be considered at least 8.5-9 out of 10 condition but I have no way of knowing how much would be appropriate to ask for if I were to sell them on the Want Ads here (or anywhere for that matter).

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    welcome back to the game!

    as for your question, the best way to get an idea of what your old sticks are worth is probably by seeing what they go for on that one auction site (which I cannot specifically name because the board automatically censors ****). you should be able to pull up completed auctions or watch ones that are nearly completed and that will let you know generally what someone somewhere is willing to pay. you can also compare the condition of your stick to the ones in the auctions (using the pics and descriptions) too so its more of an apples to apples comparison.
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    Those are good sticks. Keep your racquets. Work on your game.
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    Unfortunately the market for used rackets is nowhere near the size of the market for used golf clubs, so you might not have a lot of data for comparison.

    In my experience, condition of the racket doesn't get you that much more/less money unless you are talking about a 10/10 (brand new, as in plastic still on the grip and never strung) versus a 7/10 (which may not sell at all). The better condition rackets just sell faster and the more beat up ones keep gettting re-listed. You really have to take a bunch of pictures and show any scuff marks/cracking (or lack thereof), bumper/grommet condition, etc if you have something that is in better condition because the x/10 rating is subjective.

    Also, keep in mind it will cost $12-20 to ship the racket.
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    I have a similar predicament as the OP.I have a Head Pro Tour 690(made in Austria) which is in excellent condition(still very glossy) with a fresh poly string.Since the racket is an old model so it's difficult to get an idea of it's worth from FS/FT section.
    If someone can enlighten me about its present worth,I will be very grateful as I am planning to sell it.

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