What does 'rev' mean?


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Revving up the sales number.

In seriousness, I know someone that uses an 18x20 racquet and he generates crazy amount of spin because of his style, technique and RHS.

But for those players without that, the open-string pattern does help generating easier spin, although the high launch angle may be problematic for some to control or not desirable to some.


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Nonsense? But on the other hand, I wonder how much spin someone playing with a Prestige Pro REV and Yonex POLYTOUR REV String would get?

EDIT: That should really REV up the spin.
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During 2015 to 2017 Head Graphene racquets were known as XT's which stood for the neXT version of Graphene. Amoungst the XT lines of racquets Head produced a sub line within each family known as REV PRO. Prestige Rev Pro and Speed Rev Pro being the most popular. It was never reveled what exactly REV was short for or meant. REVolutionary is my best guess. All the Rev Pro swung in a very unique way. Extremely polarized weighting within the racquet. Swinging them required a very whippy/wristy action,in which the head would severely lag behind, then snap through with great velocity. To this day I still love getting out my Prestige Rev Pro, swings like a fly swatter, great fun to use and hits a very mean flat ball for a 300g 93sq. The Prestige Rev Pro is the one to try.
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