Where can I repaint my Head iPrestige?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Bom, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Bom

    Bom New User

    Apr 29, 2004
    I have iPrestige MP and its paint is very poor quaity. Paint was damaged from sting machine. Do you know where I can sent it for repaint? Does Head has this kind of service? I have heard that the later iPrestige was improved in paint. Is it true? I bought mine couple months after it launched to the market.

    thank you
  2. Steve Huff

    Steve Huff Legend

    Feb 11, 2004
    First, where is the paint damaged? If it's in the throat area, the guy must be using an Ektelon machine. It has an adjustment screw that is "unscrewed" to make the holddown clamps tighter. He needs to repair his machine (get new 'dogs'). I don't know of any company that would do it for less than what a new racket would cost. Too much labor involved. Have your stringer buy you a new frame.
  3. ae1222

    ae1222 Semi-Pro

    Feb 18, 2009
    I have seen a couple of guys on this site who have sent it to custom auto paint places, guys that do custom graphics, flames, things like that. You just have to be sure they strip the old paint off and get the same amount of paint back on or the weight and balance characteristics of the frame will change and the racquet will play differently. Hope that helps.
  4. hrstrat57

    hrstrat57 Hall of Fame

    Apr 29, 2007
    I have 2 i prestige mp's one is the early release with the rubbery paint and it looks pretty nasty(have an L5 i radical with the same paint too)

    My other i prestige has a harder glossy paint job similar to a chinese i radical tho of course it is also made in Austria.

    I kinda like the nasty rubbery look....I certainly wouldn't consider painting it.
  5. TheSafin

    TheSafin New User

    Apr 18, 2009
    if bob ross were alive, i'm sure he would have done a bang up job on your racquet.
  6. Deuce

    Deuce Banned

    Feb 13, 2004
    A not so parallel universe...
    Head has been making racquets for decades.
    You'd think they'd know how to paint a racquet (and how NOT to).

    For them to paint a model with paint that one can very easily scratch off with a finger nail is inexcusable.

    Good thing it doesn't change how the racquet plays, though...

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