Who has the best serve?

Which player has the best serve?

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Among the current tennis players, who has the best serve in your opinion? Not necesseraly the fastest one, but the most effective one (based on all the criteria you want)
If you were a pro tennis player and one of these men could lend his serve to you, who would it be?
(If you choose "another player" or "a retired player" please specify.)
Sampras is the best server / height ratio far and away with Federer and Johnny Mac at close seconds if we were to look at it that way. Overall without adjusting for height, Sampras still probably has the best 2nd in the game, but first serve has to go to one of the human palm trees. Maybe Karlovic in that case?

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Dr Ivo's serve is next dimension, he controls everything when right. Dude is 40


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Federer played against both Sampras and Isner and when asked who had the greater serve, he just laughed. "Isner for velocity, but Pete's for everything else, TBH." He said that in 2014. And Pete's second serve blows doors off anything isner is capable of in placement, disguise and points won.

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Karlovic 1st serve
Pistol 2nd serve

I'd go with Karlovic by the slimmest of margins because Pete had the confidence of an excellent rest of his game to back it up, while Karlovic is almost a club player without his serve.

A-Rod for best technique, Fed for best kick serve, Sampras for best slice serve.

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To answer which serve I'd like to have (given my height, which is fairly short), I would go with somebody like Roddick or Sampras. If I would plan on playing for a long time, I would sub Federer for Roddick because Roddick's serve gave him some shoulder issues later in his career. Fed hasn't had such problems (aside from the occasional Federer-esque back injury).


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Currently IMO, it is Kyrgios who has the best serve.
With regards to former players, that mantle goes to 'boring' Pistol Pete.


Thank you all for your answers :)

My vote went to Isner, so I'm kind of surprised Karlovic won.
Karlovic, Raonic have inferior 2nd serves compared to Isner IMO. Isner's average speed and % on 2nd serves is also higher.