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    ESPN hyping Gauff at too young an age ...

    At Wimbledon they referred to her as 'Cori' so I got confused when all of a sudden she kept getting 'CoCo. 'Cori' is much nicer.
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    Thought Experiment, US Open

    That would be a first and would definitely indicate the long-awaited generational shift. Could easily see Medvedev in the final.
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    ESPN hyping Gauff at too young an age ...

    Why do they keep saddling her with the silly name 'CoCo' (Wandeweghe already got their first)? She has a perfectly nice name in 'Cori' so why don't they call her by her proper name? :unsure:
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    Coco Gauff will get crushed at USO

    We'll soon see.
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    Edberg does not age !!

    The first pic was taken 26 years ago when his first child was born. :cool:
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    I have just witnessed roger right next to my eyes...

    It was an imaginary match. :)
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    Edberg does not age !!

    He's enjoyed good health and kept himself in good shape. Becker has had several hip surgeries and Lendl has let himself go. In fairness, although he may have aged in the face, he is in amazingly good shape for his age as he keeps himself fit.
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    Edberg does not age !!

    Of course. Appreciating that someone has good looks does not necessarily imply any sexual interest.
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    Who'll flame out at the United States Open this year?

    Hmmmm now........toughie. I'll have to get back to you on this one. ;)
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    2019 US Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    Bet Wimby had you sweating for a moment. ;)
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    The future of men's tennis is Italian.

    Slipped down to #11 this week. Winning Monte Carlo (and beating Nadal along the way) will probably be the big highlight of his career.
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    Rafael Nadal :- I do not have any advantage over Either of Federer or Djokovic

    Just Rafa's standard response to any prospective opponent whether they are world #1 or world # 301: "He is playing very good so I have to try my best and maybe I will have a chance, no?" ;)
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    I have just witnessed roger right next to my eyes...

    We all have weird dreams from time to time. I used to have dreams about trying to find out the results of a Murray match but nobody could tell me and I couldn't access the result on the internet for some reason. ;)