1. T

    Struggling with consistency on groundstrokes

    I've been playing tennis for about almost a year (15 yrs old) - and have gone a LONG way. I hope I'm not overrating myself, but I think I'm about a solid 3.5. I struggle with consistency - I have a really good topspin FH and BH, but they're not reliable and any time I try to really go after it...
  2. T

    Men vs women play rating.

    Would you say there is a difference between a men’s 4.5 and women’s 4.5 when it comes to public play? This goes with another post about people having inflated playing ability on Facebook tennis groups. Have seen women post about wanting to only play with “strong 3.5-4.0” players but they being a...
  3. M

    A 4.5 sandbagger in 3.5 city league - What would you do?

    I was looking up the opponents for our first city league match this weekend, and I see they have at least two players with 4.5 NTRP ratings playing in the 2018 USTA 18+ season. The division our team competes in is technically for 3.0-3.5. However, since the league doesn't use official NTRP...
  4. snahzje

    Serve Practice Video - 3.5

    Hi Everyone, Some new tennis courts were built just across the street from my company office so I took the chance to finally practice serves and record it during a ~45 minute break around lunch time. Background on me: 4 years of high school tennis, 2 years of varsity. Took a long ~12 year...
  5. Moosch

    New Racquet (> $100) Advice For 3.0 - 3.5 Player

    **I meant <$100, can't edit the title for some reason ** So a friend of mine is a borderline 3.5 player who wants to jump back into tennis after years of not playing. He has flat strokes, baseline hitter. Finess net game, some spin on second serve. The more I research for him the more I rack...
  6. pdizzy

    My 3.5 Tennis Gameplay

    Will be using this thread to give updates on my tennis game evolution and hopefully show improvements from the advice received thus far. Feel free to comment with any feedback you might have here or on Youtube!