Besides Nike and Adidas: which brand makes the best tennis shoes?

Outside of Nike or Adidas, what's your favorite tennis shoe brand?

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Ive got bad knees. Tried best Nike, Adias etc. Asics been so much better.
I can go to a shop where I get special soles, testing through running. Its worth it.


I slipped and fell on my back with Solution Speed 3, never happened with any other shoes before. Also injured my foot a couple of weeks ago. They are not stable.
Barricades seem to be the best for support.
Yonex is also good. But it all depends on the shape of one's feet. You need to try and find the one that fit best.


I think Asics is actually #2 in tennis shoes behind Nike and ahead of Adidas. I'm also guessing they are #1 in running shoes, so they are by no means an off brand.

Personally, I think they make the most comfortable performance tennis shoes, but I don't wear them anymore because of my knees. I need shoes with more impact protection.

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I've ONLY EVER bought either Nike or Adidas when it comes to tennis shoes, and this has been so since I first started playing tennis, and I first bought TENNIS shoes, before this, I used to play with whatever.

Out of both of these brands, I find Nike is the most comfortable, cozier, lighter and faster, BUT, playing on hard courts, I EAT them up very very fast. The last Nike shoe I bought were some Zoom Cage, about 8 yrs ago, which were great. I have been a fan of Adidas Barricade since the 2's, and almost only used them since they came up (I think the 'cades II are my favorite, and I've used them all, practically), and just had that hiccup with the Zoom Cages. My issue with Nike is price/durability, thats why Im an Adidas guy basically.

But what about the other brandas? I'm really liking the Asics models, and they seem like really comfortable fast light shoes, whats your take, you users?

New Balance is another brand that suits my eye...

Other brands that you would recommend to try?

I find Nike tennis shoes to be total garbage. They look good and feel nice but they literally fall apart within days of wearing them. I find New Balance to be uncomfortable but that's just a personal preference. Just started wearing the Yonex Fusion Rev and I love it. Very comfy, lots of cushioning and excellent stability.


Prince T22. Comfortable, breathable and somewhat durable.

Looks like the price has gone up so I will consider other shoes now.


Havent tried much outside of Nike but recently bought New Balance 996v3 and my feet are aching after 1 set even though I've broken them in.

Still in search of a shoe that is as comfortable as the Vapor 9.5s but with slightly better durability. I've worn the vapor 7s, 8s and 9s. the 9.5 is still the most comfortable shoes Ive tried. Have also owned the Babolat Jets and I destroyed them quicker than my vapors. They are super light, not enough cushioning and worse durability than vapors.

I've tried adidas and asics in the shops and since I have a low arch, they just dont seem to work for me.

Thinking about the Mizunos, will search for it

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Last year I would have said Yonex but they've totally messed up the Power Cushion III.

It's still better than Nike/Adidas but unfortunately its a step backward for Yonex. I've never tried Asics before [TW won't ship them outside US] and can't easily find their tennis models.

Ugh - while I'm at it, can I just take a moment to whine/***** about the increasingly difficultly of using Tennis Warehouse for International shipments?

No Asics
No Babolat
No Wilson
No Nike

Er - what's the point of having International option exactly? So frustrating.....