Finally Djokovic is converting Grand Slam 2nd weeks into titles


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The way that Djokovic ascended to an All Time Great to arguably the 2nd GOAT from Wimbledon 2014 is resumed in the way that Nole is now converting his consistency in reaching the 2nd week of the Grand Slams into much more titles. Let's look at these stats:

From Roland Garros 2006 to Roland Garros 2014: 6 Titles, 13 Finals, 22 Semifinals, 28 Quarterfinals (Sample of 33 Grand Slams played).
Since Wimbledon 2014 up to the US Open 2018: 8 Titles, 10 Finals, 11 Semifinals, 14 Quarterfinals (Sample of 17 Grand Slams played).

The biggest difference in Djokovic is the conversion of winning Grand Slams SF and winning big in the finals as both Djokovics have a 78,6% of QF won, with a 59,1% and 46,2% of the Djokovic 1.0 in SF and F percentage won, Djokovic 2.0 is winning 90,9% of his SF and 80% of his finals.



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Exactly. I thought about this earlier. From 2012 to 2014 in particular, Djokovic was 3-5 in slam finals, a success rate of 38%. This was notable because his general head-to-head record in those years against the people he was losing to in grand slam finals suggested he should've had a better conversion rate.

Post 2014, however, he is 7-2 in slam finals, a conversion rate of 78%. In recent years he has done a remarkable job being more than just a presence in slam finals and that's why you have to think highly of his chances of padding his total. On the other hand, if he falls short of Fed's total or Nadal's, he may rue the missed opportunities he had smack in the prime of his career.