Head racquets swingstyle ratings


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I have noticed on the Head racquets I am demoing that they have a swingstyle rating but I have no idea what it means. One has a L4 rating and the other an L6. What does this mean?


This is printed on a card included with a racquet.

There is an axis:


Legend: green = "Tour", Yellow = "Control", Red = "Power"

When I saw L6 on mine, I first thought it is Light, 4 6/8, but it wasn't that...

If mine is the least powerfull, what is S10? Plays by itself?

Steve H.

It was Head's swing style marketing scheme in the late 90's to compete with Wilson's x.x numbering system or Prince's power index.

As you go down the L's and back up the S's the racquets get lighter, stiffer, and more powerful. They still have some racquets left from the Titanium S line (S1, S2, S6, S16, etc) and yes, an S16 or an S10 is so light, big, and powerful that it does seem to basically play by itself. Oy.


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Radical is firmly in the L cotegory but thats a load of xxxx... they are powerful rackets.


I have a Ti.Radical MP & a LM Radical OS here. Ti.Radical is L5 and LM is L4 :)