LaserFibre has THE Worst Customer Service

Discussion in 'Odds & Ends' started by CallOfBooty, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. CallOfBooty

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    Aug 25, 2009
    Okay so let me tell you guys what happened. I placed an order exactly one month ago from now. They were supposed to ship it one month ago on a Monday, and they said it was going to arrive Friday that week. This was all in the first week. It did not come the first week after I ordered it, so I just decided to wait another week. The second week passes by, and still no order. I call them, and they didn't even have any customer representatives in! So when I got home on the Monday of the third week, I called them, and they said they forgot to ship my item. No it wasn't on back order, my address was correct, they just literally forgot to ship it. Supposedly, they shipped it on the Tuesday of the third week. It didn't arrive that Friday, so I assumed it would come the Monday of this past week. It didn't come, and I called back just Friday. This time the rep said I should definitely have received my item, well I didn't. They said they will check with USPS priority mail and tell me again that night. I didn't get a call back, so I tried just now. They are not working today apparently because no reps are here today either. So I have to call back again Monday. I am going to demand one night shipping, if not I swear to god I will cuss the living hell out of LaserFibre's customer service to that rep. My god...
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    I tried to place an order via their website about three weeks ago and the shopping cart returns an error about an invalid merchant account. I called them up instead and they said they were working on the problem and I could just place an order over the telephone. The rep I talked to was very nice and spent time with me over the phone to pick out the best string for my particular needs. I should have had the string the same week but it's been at least three weeks now since the order and nothing. From reading other posts, this is unfortunately normal for them.
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    You should have read some customer experiences in the stringing forum before purchasing from them. They apparently have great machines but so-so service.

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