Novak giving up on clay season


Plus, Nadal is five years younger than Federer. You must not have received that memo. 99.9% of male tennis players in the Open era have been retired at Fed's age. Does that ever (even remotely) factor into your "logic?" Nadal should have gone deeper than Roger in every slam since 2013, based on age alone.
Solid objection. You are right.


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LOL. Nadal played far better today against Felix than Slowderer against Gasquet.

Plus, Nadal has gone deeper than Federer in the 4 last Grand Slams in a row:

RG 2018:
Nadal W
Federer nothing

WB 2018:
Nadal SF
Federer QF

USO 2018:
Nadal SF
Federer QF

AO 2019:
Nadal F
Federer 4 R
All true but the post I was responding to was discussing Rafa and Djokovic, not Rafa and Fed.