Prime Lars Ulrich versus Prime Roger Federer: Who win?

Lars is undefeated against Federer, but for the sake of argument let's suppose they played each other in their prime. Who would win? Would Lars be Federer's source of self-destruction?



Hall of Fame
Peak Ulrich > peak Fed but semi-retired Fed owns James Hetfield.

Match-up. That's all about match-up.


Ulrich's prime ended after the justice album. So that is more than 25 years ago. If you want some real competition then bring up Dave Lombardo, Gene Hoglan, Nick Barker or some drummer of any of those sick Death, Thrash or Black Metal bands.


Talk Tennis Guru
Federer obviously. He's so arrogant that he could play tennis with a guitar. Ulrich's arrogance is puny in comparison to the mighty Federah.


Lars's dad played at Wimbledon. Did a Happy Gilmore running serve thing that was banned. Fed would triple golden set them both while wearing an ice skate on one foot and rollerblade on the other, playing lefty with the string bag still on his racquet.