How important is this forum in your life?


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How important is this forum in your life? How much time you spend on this forum? How much important are for you the opinions of other users about your favorite tennis players?


When I come back from Uni I do put the computer on, make a cuppa and have a gander at this site.

I love tennis and MTF is the poor mans TTW so I'm here ;).


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It's a great place to meet a lot of fun people.

I probably spend an hour in total here on average, can be less on most days, more on a few.

I really don't care about other people's opinions on my favorite tennis players.

To answer the thread title, very important. I'd be lost if the forum shut down for a week, or banned me.


Most of my life I've always enjoyed playing tennis, and watching tennis on t.v. Wasn't until I joined this site that I became more of a student of the game. Have learned a lot about former players, rules of the game, and picked up several tips to improve my own game. Also, this site has provided me with some friendships and lot of laughs. So while not as important as air, T.T is important to me. Now... moderators... where's my free t-shirt? ;)
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It went up in importance a lot ever since my workplace blocked reddit....can't find any good basketball forums, and the forums for counter strike and overwatch suck terribly


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First thing in the morning, I check Hacker News, Reddit Programming and this forum.

Edit: (confession) in between work breaks, I take peeks here.


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I enjoy playing and watching tennis a bit more due to the tt forums. I may even have improved my game slightly.

But tennis is just a small part of my life - my fourth favorite sport, behind fishing, shooting, and mountain biking.


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I suspect that average post-count per day provides a clue. Personally, I'd rate TT's importance as about 3 out of 10 on a 10-point scale. But that's just me (of course).
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