Tweaking a Full Gut Setup on AG100?


I have been using a full gut setup for the last 3 years:
(1st) Maxply McEnroe 16x19
(2nd) KBlade Tour 18x20
(3rd) AG100 16x19

The KBT 18x20 obviously had the least string movement, however lacked a little pocketing effect. The AG100 16x19 that I've had for only a couple of weeks (strung @ 54lbs) feels almost like I can hold the ball on the strings and aim my shots, HOWEVER, I've noticed a lot of string movement which is distracting to me, but also seems to be causing early notching. I have settled on Klip Legend 16g so far. I am afraid I won't get my usual several months use from the gut that I usually get, (I play appx. 3-6 hours per week).

To reduce string movement, what might I gain/lose by:

(1) switching to 15g?
(2) increasing tension?
(3) a combination of doing both?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

ps: I have never tried a hybrid setup, due to the fact that I want the most arm friendly set-up and I don't want to restring very often.


Well, I played last night with my first ever full gut job, strung at 60M/58X, with Legend 16. I only had a little string movement, only adjusted at change overs.

To your question, both higher tension and larger string will give you less power.


How about a stiff poly in the crosses?

Yes, I know that it will reduce the feel, but it's always a comromise. I bet you'll gain in durability and you'll have a set of gut leftover to do it again.