happy birthday Roger Federer


Bionic Poster
Many Happy Returns to the oldest player in the history of tennis.

"In honour of Roger Federer's 39th birthday, the ATP Tour is celebrating by reliving 39 facts, moments or memories that have made his tennis career spectacular thus far."



Hall of Fame
All these older active athletes can be many of their younger peers' parents.

- Federer can be Tsitipas's dad

- Brady can be Mahomes' dad

- Buffon can be Mbappe's dad

- Serena/Venus can be Bianca/Osaka's mom

- Vince Carter can be Giannis/Luka's dad

- Tiger can be Spieth's dad

All in all, HBD Rog, I know now is kind of a s***** time to celebrate a bday, but I hope he gets the most out of it anyways! Cheers